Monday, August 3, 2015

Can He Properly Stimulate a Woman?

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Would You Shy Away Too?

Nearly every person I told how I was writing a book would ask, "What's it gonna be about?" and I would tell them, "It's going to be centered around those really bad car accidents I had back in '94 & again in '97 but after I had written the book around my recovery, I decided that it wasn't enough so I rewrote it to include a lot of information about that job I had in Baltimore as a woman's escort".

Some would lift their eyebrows & smile while others might wrinkle their foreheads before saying, "Really?" but there were a few who would ask what training I had to learn how to properly stimulate a woman.

I suppose my "training" came from the fact that I lost my virginity when I was 12 and I've been with many more than 1000 women but that ability is not how I properly stimulate a woman.

Working a woman's body is only a small part of a much bigger picture because a woman's most sensitive sexual organ is her mind but to be more specific, it's her imagination.

Any man can shove his dick up inside a woman --- that's not hard but the best & only way to show her a good time would be to get her in the right mindset or mood. The most sure-fire way of doing that would be to simply talk to her about sex.

My book shares many examples of great topics you can bring up with any woman to get her so turned on that she'll have pussy juice running down both or at least one of her legs.

By asking questions about what she likes and how it gets her off the most, that gets her on the train-of-thought you want her on to be very horny, very wet & very ready to enjoy anything you do to her.

If you want any more proof that I know what I'm doing, check out my book called:
Death wasn't His Final Chapter by: Mr. Michael.

The Free Book Preview will let you know whether you can live without your own copy of the book or not and if you like what you read there, you'll know what the next step is to get a copy of your own.

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