Monday, August 24, 2015

Did Getting Married Ruin His Business?

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It was in November of 2012 when I was making a trip south from Baltimore, MD to Greenville, GA on a Greyhound bus.

Most of the seats were filled with the exception of a few in the back and this one seat next to this really beautiful black woman so I asked if she'd mind having me sit next to her.

I found out her name was Julie after she smiled and I knew she wouldn't mind so I sat next to her for the entire 2 1/2 day trip. The two of us would pretend we were a married couple who would help one another as much as we could every time the bus would stop to let the passengers eat and we had a blast.

When the bus stopped in Spartanburg, SC; that was Julie's stop so the two of us exchanged email addresses, said our goodbyes with a hug & a kiss and I didn't think I'd ever see or hear from her again.

I got to my destination and I went on as usual when --- maybe 6 weeks later, I received an email in my inbox asking if I remembered her and if I wanted to give her a call so that's what I did.

Julie & I talked on the phone for more than 5 hours and it was long enough that she had to put her phone on its' charger to prevent the two of us from being cut off. During this phone call, we found out that each of us have facebook accounts so we started chatting online every day for about the next 2 years.

We had only seen one another in person when we took that bus ride together but it just so happened that we fell in love on facebook, I proposed to her on facebook and she accepted on facebook.

When I first sat next to Julie on that bus, I told the girl that she would not want to have a man like me in her life which of course made her ask, "Why not?". So I just came out and told her how I became a woman's escort in Baltimore City in 1993 when I was 16 and she wrinkled her eyebrows before saying, "So?".

That right there told me that she wouldn't mind being part of my life even though I still escort women to various places all over the world and that's why the two of us fell in love on facebook too.

My point is that I love how confidently strong my new wife is because she knows that my work is my work and no matter how much love I give my clients, they will never get as much of my love as my wife does & will for the rest of my life.

So therefore "No, getting married did not ruin my business and it never will...!"

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