Monday, August 10, 2015

5 Different Types, Really?

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Would You Shy Away Too?

I pointed out yesterday that I do my best to give each of my clients all 5 of the different types of orgasm a woman can have and I explain them all in great detail in my book.

Although, I'll do my best to give you a quick description of each now...!

First comes the V Spot Orgasm followed by the C Spot Orgasm. Then comes the U Spot Orgasm, the G Spot Orgasm & finally the A Spot Orgasm and I'll briefly explain them all right now.

V Spot Orgasm: This one is basically a woman's entire vulva area and it's the least intense of the 5.

C Spot Orgasm: Most people know about this one because it is initiated by stimulating a woman's clitoris.

U Spot Orgasm: Most people are unaware of this one because a woman's u spot is between her clit & her g spot, it circles her urethra and it's very difficult to focus your attention on this while avoiding the others but it does happen from time to time.

G Spot Orgasm: Again, most people know about this one because it initiates the woman to have a gushing orgasm but it's not the most intense gusher possible.

A Spot Orgasm: Finally, this is the last & most intense orgasm possible for a woman because it makes every muscle in her body flex uncontrollably and it usually puts her in a mini coma or rather, it knocks her the hell out.

Next Monday, I plan to tell you how any man can have an orgasm or bust a nut and keep going immediately afterwards for much longer than he went the first time.

Although, everything I'm sharing with you now can be found together in my book instead of bits & pieces each week and you can read my great introduction in the Free Book Preview I've prepared for you.

By reading that, you'll know if you can actually live without a copy of your own or not...!

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