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His Pricing Schedule

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When I first became a woman's escort in Baltimore City, the guy who hired me said, "I want you to charge each woman you spend time with $100/hour" and he wouldn't allow me to give any of my customers a break on the cost.

You see, I refer to the women who hired me to be their escort as my customers while I call the women who hire me to be their companion my clients and I told the guy several times that women are not like men when it comes to what I do but he didn't want to hear it.

He just couldn't grasp the concept that it takes a lot longer to get a woman as worked up as a man can get in a split second.

At the time, I was just a young teenager so he would say, "If you're not happy working for me, you can try to find the same work for someone else!" but he knew I couldn't find anyone who would pay me for what I do for women --- it's just not a common service offered in any part of the world.

Now that I quit working for that guy in Baltimore in 2000 and have been able to start my own business offering women the same kind of service I once did, I'm the boss and I make the decision about how much I charge but I plan to tell you more right now.

I decided long ago to drop the cost of my service quite substantially while extending the time I offer to spend with each client just as much.

I now charge $4.17/hour but my clients get to spend 5 days with me starting on any Monday of the year and ending on the Friday of that same week (5 days = 120 hours & 120 X 4.17 is a little more than 500).

That comes to about $500.00 for our 5-day date and that's what I earn for that week but that's not all my clients pay for.

They pay for everything we do together including our food & lodging, fun & entertainment as well as anything else we want to do and since I've been doing this for many, many years; I know how much my clients want me to spend on them on average.

Also, because I've anticipated women spending time with me and not being able to pay at the end of our date, I now require all my clients to pay $8,000 USD while they have to send it to my PayPal account 2 weeks prior to our scheduled date.

My book explains exactly how I schedule dates with each of my clients so as not to offend or piss any of them off.

The way I handle the high number of women who want to spend time with me is rather unique.

I have what I like to call my "Standby List" and that means that any woman who shows that she's interested gets her name & email address put at the beginning of that list.

Every time I spend 5 days with each client, her name is taken off the list unless she asks that I put her name back at the beginning so she can be with me again.

Graph of His Pricing Schedule, Fees & Rates

Just so you can get a glimpse of how my pricing schedule works, I've created a graph to display it better visually.

The top 3 rows represent the amounts you have to pay to cover everything the two of us do together per date depending on the kind of date you want & the kind you qualify for while the 4th row is the cost per day but the last 2 rows represent what I earn for each day.

Bare Minimum
First Date
Special Clients
$7,500.00 /date
12 Days
All Activities
You to Me
Me to You

Don't forget that you will not be paying for my time & companionship on our first date but you will be once you become a Special Client.  The reason being because each Potentially New Client only has to send $7,500.00 because I don't charge that $500.00 for myself on our first date.

Becoming a Special Client simply means that I've spent time with you and have been able to perform my In-Depth Investigation.

My "In-Depth Investigation" is where the two of us will maybe sneak off to a place where we can be alone so I can put my hand down your pants just to make sure I don't find any "extra equipment" that shouldn't be there.

There is much more to my pricing schedule such as a few price breaks along with an explanation of how to qualify for each but you can read more about them in the book I had published called, "Death wasn't His Final Chapter" By: Mr. Michael and you can do a search on any search engine in the world to pull it up right away (although, I'm not sure how long that fact will remain true).

You can read the Free Book Preview to decide whether you can live without a copy of your own or not too.  There is also a direct link to the site you can order from on that preview page as well.

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