Monday, June 29, 2015

Most Popular Bestseller on Earth?

You might want to start by reading the first post in this blog, the one that says
Would You Shy Away Too?

Yes, the book that has been set on the table for discussion is "Death Wasn't His Final Chapter" by: Mr. Michael

When I first started reading the man's book, I had several thoughts that I'm sure many of you will have as well but as I kept reading, each of those thoughts were replaced with, 'Well, I'm glad I didn't stop reading earlier'.

First off, the man didn't even write the first two chapters of the book, which I thought was strange but I understood once I really got into it. He also uses punctuation a little differently than the mainstream writer. None of it is wrong exactly but since he does it the same throughout the entire book, it's obvious he does it on purpose.

Second, I know most of us talk much different than we write but that is not the case with this man. When I got to the third chapter and he entered the story, it almost felt as if the two of us were hanging out sitting together having an enjoyable conversation. The man is also a very good teacher who doesn't make any judgements of anyone else but at the same time, isn't afraid to tell you when he doesn't like something.

There's also a major aspect of this book that I thought was incredible but the book asks that I not talk about it with anyone who hasn't read the book first so I'll just keep quiet about what it is until you've read the book for yourself.

Just recently, Michael decided to improve the title of the book and if you want your own copy of the book that will soon be the most popular bestseller in the world, you can get it at: "Great Sex is a Gift from God" by: Mr. Michael

On the other hand, if you want to read more on what it's about, you can check out the free book preview below...

***Disclaimer***: This is Michael and my associate wrote that on my computer

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